Learn how to make delicious Japanese food such as Ramen, Soba, and Sushi.

Japanese Cooking Classes

at the Good Food Store, Missoula

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Hiiragi.asia brings Japanese culture to Montana. We specialize in Japanese traditional children’s summer clothing – Girls’ Yukata and Boys’ Jinbei –, as well as beautiful Japanese home decorations and the cleverest, handiest kitchen tools available. (And we love to cook).

My name is Chizuko Olson, maiden name is Hashimoto, from Tokyo-to and Toyama Prefecture.

After many successful performing arts years in Tokyo, I met Matthew Olson from Montana in 2004. We married, and his business took us from Tokyo to Hong Kong, Singapore, before moving back to Missoula, Montana, in July 2013, for a simpler, more family-focussed life.

I own and operate an import business called Hiiragi.Asia, bringing unique home decor, kitchenware, and accessoires to Montana. I have a booth at the Higgins Lot Market most Saturdays where I interact with and sell to the local Missoula Community. There are also markets where I participate associated with National Holidays and Regional Events.

Additionally I teach Ramen Noodle Cooking Classes at the Good Food Store in Missoula, which is the most popular organic, health conscious markets in the Western MT Region. My classes have sold out within hours!

The Good Food Store, Rockin' Rudy's, and Butterfly Herbs are loyal customers buying Tabi/go-hon yubi socks, Hana Vases, Lemon Juicers, etc.